Package Contents:
1) Mounting srews
2) Outer mounting bracket
3) Inner mounting bracket
4) Lg allen wrench
5) Sm allen wrench
6) Laser Body
7) Batteries
8) Black inserts (not pictured)
9) Adjustment scsrews for sighting

1-Remove mounting screws(1) using allen wrench (4)
2-Seperate mounting bracket (2,3)
3-Select the insert (8) that will keep the correct angle with your trigger guard
4-Install insert (8) between trigger guard and outer mounting bracket (3) use 2 inserts, 1 inside, 1 outside w/ curved trigger guards
5-Put mounting bracket (2,3) back together
6-Install batteries (7) inside laser body (6)
7-Screw laser body(6) into mounting bracket (2,3)

1-Using small allen wrench (5) loosen set screw (9) opposite the direction you want the red dot to move. Tighten the set screw on the other side.

You will see the dot move. Use 1/2 turns to avoid dropping the screws or over tightening. Neither of these is covered under warranty.