Warranty and Sales Policy

Thank you for your purchase. All sales are final. We strive to carry the best products for a great price, but from time to time we get a bad one. Here are our warranty policies:

1) BE NICE OR LEAVE =) We all expect a new purchase to be right when we open the box, but remember, I didn’t make your particular item. I am a reseller. We carry the products we carry from the people we buy from because we are able to offer a lifetime warranty and take care of warranty issues in
house……but BE NICE OR LEAVE.

2)If you feel our warranty policy is unfair, by all means, deal directly with the manufacturer, not me.

3)Since we do shows and internet only, stopping by our place in Vegas isn’t an option, but USPS and UPS run by almost every day.

4) You have several options for warranty replacement. Whatever is most convenient for you works for us.

  1. Mail it to the manufacturer for replacement.
  2. Mail it to us for replacement.. Upon receipt of the defective product, I will send a replacement.         You can mail it to  J Collins, Attn Warranty,  2507 Northlawn, Taylor, Tx 76574…PUT A RETURN ADDRESS INSIDE THE BOX.
  3. Stop by the next show and swap it out. We keep a show schedule at www.blackgunstuff.com/shows.html

5) We will be glad to replace any defective item. In most cases, you may also swap it for something else we have in stock if you like. We dont do refunds, but we will try to find something that you can use.

6) If you are one of those whiny little “I will just do a chargeback with my credit card” bitches, read your credit card receipt…..it says “ALL SALES FINAL” right below your signature. YOU are the reason that is there. You have ample time to inspect, play with, and decide BEFORE you pay for your item.

7) NUMBER 6 applies to a very small select group. We love the rest of you!

8) If you have needs we haven’t addressed, by all means, ask. If we can accommodate within reason, we will.

9) Again, thank you for your patronage and friendship. We hope we can serve you accessory needs for years to come.

The Blackgunstuff.com Team